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12th December 2002

Consumer Watchdog welcomes budget announcement

<p>The General Consumer Council today welcomed the Government’s revised budget announcement of nearly £2 billion over the next five years.</p>

Maeve Bell, Director, General Consumer Council said:

“We welcome this budget announcement - there is a lot of catching up to be done in Northern Ireland. This investment should make a real difference to people’s everyday lives. Public transport is a good example.

We have long campaigned for new accessible buses, improved frequency for bus services and for new trains. Public transport in Northern Ireland must be a viable option. It must be something we would all choose to use.”

On the proposal to introduce water charges she continued:

“Water and sewerage are fundamental services that consumers have already been paying for through their rates. None of us will like paying more, but consumers need to have all the relevant information so that an open debate on how best to raise the extra money can take place.”


Notes for Editors

1. General Consumer Council media contact: Susie Blaney, 028 9067 2488 or