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03rd November 2014

Consumer Council welcomes Supreme Court decisions on compensation for flight delays and cancellation

The Consumer Council welcomes the landmark air decisions by the Supreme Court last week which confirms the rights of passengers caught out by flight delays and cancellations.

Responding to the decisions, Aodhan O’Donnell, interim chief executive of the Consumer Council said: “We welcome the clarity that these legal decisions gives to passengers on their rights when there are delays and cancellations.

“We hope that this means airlines will work harder to reduce the number of delays and cancellations rather than seeing an overall increase in costs at the expense of consumers.

The Consumer Council represents passengers with air complaints. Last year we returned more than £65,000 to 225 consumers whose flights had been delayed or cancelled. We also dealt with many hundreds more telephone queries from passengers who had their claims refused due to technical issues being cited by airlines. This new clarity and certainty about what is required under the law means that travellers who suffer flight delays or cancellations will be entitled to compensation as set out in European law.

“We are also pleased to see that passengers can claim back up to six years meaning travellers who have previously attempted to receive compensation should now get a fair and right result” added Aodhan O’Donnell.

“We need to be clear that this is not a new entitlement for passengers, it is what they have been entitled to all along, but now has the full weight of the law behind it.

“The Consumer Council has both expertise and experience in dealing with airlines on behalf of passengers. We will be writing out to all those air passengers who have previously been in touch with us to advise them of next steps. Anyone who wishes to make a claim can also contact us for advice.”

For more information on how to claim visit our website