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22nd March 2018

The Consumer Council welcomes latest Translink performance results

Translink Charter Monitoring Results for Autumn 2017

The Consumer Council is encouraged to see improvements in overall satisfaction and passengers’ perceptions of value for money, following today’s publication of Translink’s Charter Monitoring Results for the Autumn 2017 period.

Metro, Ulsterbus and NI Railways all exceeded their punctuality targets, for the first time since Spring 2015. 

Speaking about the results, Scott Kennerley, Head of Transport Policy at The Consumer Council, said:

“We are pleased to see Translink build on the previous positive results from Spring 2017. These figures show Translink is continuing to improve passengers overall satisfaction with public transport services. Perceptions of value for money also continue to be positive with passengers giving some of the highest ratings on record."

“The Consumer Council will continue to work with Translink with a view to maintaining these positive results”.