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Consumer Skills
30th November 2005


<p>The Consumer Council has welcomed today’s publication of the Northern Ireland edition of the Yellow Pages with the first stand-alone section with contact details for all the main Government services in Northern Ireland.</p>

Eleanor Gill, Chief Executive of the Consumer Council said: “This initiative is a very practical, positive and consumer-friendly development.  It is a welcome sign that the Government is listening to calls to make its services more accessible to everybody in Northern Ireland.

“Consumers told us that they want to find details of all Government services in one place, rather than having to hunt through the phone book not knowing where to find them.  Having listened, the Government has worked hard to produce a separate, easy-to-find section at the front of the new Yellow Pages. 

“Importantly, the main Government services are now listed under headings that people will understand easily, like “benefits”, “pensions” and “roads”, rather than under the names of departments or organisations.  The information is well laid out and much easier to read and follow.  The Government services section also includes textphone numbers, e-mail and web addresses so that people can choose how to contact the service they need.” 

The Government is continuing to further develop its services directory and the Consumer Council is keen to receive feedback on this new section.  Contact the Consumer Council on 9067 2488.

1.      The Consumer Council carried out independent consumer research to inform this initiative in December 2004 and May 2005.

2.      Consumer Council media contact: Susie Brown, telephone, 028 9067 4807 or e-mail,

3.      The Consumer Council is an independent consumer organisation, working to bring about change to benefit Northern Ireland's consumers. The Council campaigns for high standards of service and protection and a fair deal for all. It also carries out research, gives advice and publishes reports and other publications. It deals with individual complaints about electricity, natural gas, coal and passenger transport.

4.      For more information, visit our website at