03rd March 2006


<p>The Consumer Council today welcomed the Competition Commission’s (CC) proposal that the Consumer Council should play a key role in helping to get a better deal for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) customers .</p>

The CC investigated the LPG market in the UK and found that there were features of the market that prevent, restrict or distort competition.  The CC has announced that it is to consult on possible solutions to improve the market.  It recommends that the Consumer Council should help to raise awareness about shopping around and switching suppliers, as it will do with future mains gas and electricity competition.

Wesley Henderson, Director of Energy and Corporate Services at the Consumer Council said:  “The Consumer Council led the way with published research on the LPG market in 1993[1].  Thirteen years later we are struck by the similarity of the CC's findings for the UK as a whole.  We are delighted that the CC has recognised the key role that the Consumer Council plays in helping energy consumers in Northern Ireland.  We will respond to the consultation and look forward to further co-operation with the CC on behalf of LPG consumers.”

[1] LPG – liquefied petroleum gas – is used for household heating, cooking and heating of water.

[1] “What Choice? – Domestic Consumers and Bulk-Supplied LPG in Northern Ireland.  GCCNI. 1993

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