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29th June 2012

Consumer Council questions Ulster Bank’s assurance that customers can get access to cash

Antoinette McKeown, Chief Executive of the Consumer Council said: “Since this crisis started, the Consumer Council has repeatedly been told by Ulster Bank that customers will have no problems accessing their own money at an Ulster Bank branch.

However, it appears that some customers are having difficulty getting hold of cash at an Ulster Bank branch. We've heard cases where customers have been set a limit on how much they could withdraw, been refused cash from their savings account, or simply told they couldn't withdraw any cash at all. This is completely unacceptable. Ulster Bank must, as a matter of urgency, provide clear, concise instructions to all branches regarding procedures for allowing customers access to their money on production of a valid ID and salary/wage slip. As this crisis is now in its tenth day, it is appalling that consumers will have to go without their cash for another weekend. It is incomprehensible that Ulster Bank cannot give any assurance that this issue will be resolved for early next week. However, the Consumer Council is urging Ulster Bank customers to behave responsibly. There is little point in trying to withdraw £200 if you only have £20 in your account as you will have to pay this money back."


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