07th July 2014

Consumer Council Puts a Record £1/2million Back Into Consumers’ Pockets

Almost £500,000 has made its way back to consumers' pockets over the last year after they turned to the Consumer Council for help with their complaint.

Reflecting the broad range of complaints the Consumer Council deals with, the figure includes a £285k refund for a North West hospital following a billing dispute with NI Water, £3k for a Ballymena business following damage caused to equipment during a power outage, and €11k compensation for 45 Craigavon school pupils and their teacher following a flight delay on their school trip.

Interim Chief Executive, Aodhan O’Donnell said: “A great result like this is to be celebrated, especially since it is a record-breaking amount in our 30-year history and we’ve had more consumers, and in particular businesses, contacting us than ever before.  Indeed many of our biggest wins have been for businesses, who after all are consumers as well.

“We’ve fought the corner of nearly 5,000 individuals and businesses who had electricity, gas, air travel, ferry travel or water complaints.  It’s the consumer we’re here to serve so we are delighted so many have trusted us to help them with everything from simple queries or a request for one of our guides, to issues which are causing them a lot of frustration, distress, and in some cases, expense.

“Our advice, as ever, for consumers and businesses is, get in touch with us.   Not only will we try to help with your complaint, but we will also see if we can lobby and campaign for changes that will benefit all consumers so that others don’t suffer the same issue.”

Consumers and businesses can contact the Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022, [email protected] or via facebook and twitter.

This infographic shows your top complaints and details the ways we helped you with issues you brought to us in 2013-14.