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12th June 2010

Consumer Council encourages consumers to get involved in ‘Water Saving Week’

The Consumer Council is encouraging schools, businesses and households in Northern Ireland to save water and in turn save energy and money. This is the message of Water Saving Week 2010, a national campaign which runs from 12-18 June with the theme: “Three reasons to save water: Save Energy, Save Money, Be Green”.

Kathy Graham, Head of Water at the Consumer Council said,” The Consumer Council is delighted to support Water Saving Week.  Water is a finite and precious resource which we often take for granted.  Water Saving Week promotes a very important message - that using more water than necessary not only wastes water, it wastes energy too.    

“Using water wisely has many benefits, not only for the environment but also by lowering energy bills.  Around a quarter of a household’s energy bill comes from using hot water.  So by using it wisely we can save water, energy and money as well.  This can only be a good thing for consumers and that’s why we are encouraging everyone in Northern Ireland to get involved in this campaign.  Here are just a few easy ways to save water and energy:

  • Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving – a running tap can use up to six litres of water a minute.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath – a standard shower for five minutes uses around 35 litres of water.  A bath uses 80 litres of water.  (Bear in mind though that a power shower will use even more water than a bath – 90 litres.)
  • Fix dripping taps – they can waste up to 30 litres of water a day.
  • When putting the kettle on only boil the amount of water you need (but remember to cover the element if you are using an electric kettle)
  • Fully load your dishwasher or washing machine before putting it on.
  • Fill a jug with tap water and leave it to cool in your fridge. This way you don't have to run the tap for ages just to get a cold drink.
  • Use a water butt to collect rain water to water the garden; give your plants a soaking once a week rather than watering daily.  
  •  If your business has a water meter, monitor your usage to check you haven’t got a leak.
  • Set up a school ‘water savers’ monitoring team, which gets children involved in spotting leaks and dripping taps.


“For more water saving tips or to make a pledge to save water, visit“

Following on from Water Saving Week, the Consumer Council is currently working to make Ecoworld[1] available to school children across Northern Ireland. Ecoworld is an interactive game designed to help young people learn more about ways to save energy and water. More details will be coming soon.


  1. Consumer Council media contact: Paula Gunn, telephone, 028 9067 4816 or e-mail,