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16th August 2011

Consumer Council advises passengers to find out if changes to Metro bus services affect them

The Consumer Council has encouraged bus passengers in Belfast to find out if two key changes to Metro services from 1 September will affect them. In some cases bus stops are changing location, while in others the frequency of services and number of stops are changing.

Scott Kennerley, Head of Policy for Transport of the Consumer Council said:

“The new bus stop arrangements for Metro users in Belfast City Centre will impact on passengers and the Consumer Council is advising people to familiarise themselves with the changes, especially as they come into operation in only two weeks time.” 

“Whilst we accept that the changes to some Metro bus stops in Belfast will be required as a result of the work, and we welcome the enhancement of some services, we would be concerned if the re-organisation of traffic routes in Belfast City Centre has led to a separate decision to reduce frequency of service on a small number of routes.  We have raised our concerns with Translink and we would also encourage passengers to raise any issues they might have with Translink.”

Continuing, Scott said: “We welcome the news from the Department for Regional Development and from the Department of Social Development that work is progressing to deliver a city centre where access by public transport is given a much higher priority and the street environment is tailored to the needs of pedestrians and cyclists rather than the private car.  We also want to ensure that decisions taken by Translink are clear and transparent to all public transport users.”

Notes to Editors:

The Consumer Council has a statutory remit to represent the interests of passengers travelling to, from and within Northern Ireland and is a consumer representative for all passengers using public transport.  Passengers who have a complaint regarding public transport are encouraged to contact the Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022 or - we can take the complaint up on your behalf.




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