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COVID-19 Airline Refunds: Do not delay getting your refund, act now!

Following a new report published by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regarding airline refunds, The Consumer Council is urging the CAA to ensure airlines act responsibly towards their customers, and is urging consumers to act now to secure their refunds.


Farmers and Agricultural Businesses: 10 common scams to watch out for (and how to avoid them)

Scammers are targeting farmers and agricultural businesses across Northern Ireland. Therefore, it is more important than ever to take extra precautions to avoid falling victim to fraud or a scam.


Spanish travel and quarantine rules: What Northern Ireland travellers need to know

Following Saturday’s (25 July) advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) against all-but-essential travel to mainland Spain, and the immediate imposition of a 14-day quarantine for travellers returning to the UK from mainland Spain and the Balearic and Canary Islands, The Consumer Council is advising Northern Ireland passengers on their travel rights.


Water bills are coming: What NI businesses need to know

In the coming weeks, Northern Ireland Water will be sending out water bills to businesses in Northern Ireland. To help avoid any surprises and ensure businesses are being billed correctly, The Consumer Council has developed a range of helpful resources for businesses and farmers. The resources include an overview of what to look out for on your water bill, an animated video and a downloadable guide with further tips.


Travel uncertainty and refund delays for Northern Ireland travellers

For Northern Ireland travellers, recent changes to COVID-19 travel rules are causing confusion and uncertainty.

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Top Tips: How to avoid getting caught out by a private parking ticket

Following the reopening of shops in Northern Ireland, and the gradual reduction in the government’s COVID-19 restrictions, The Consumer Council has issued top tips to drivers in Northern Ireland on how to avoid getting a private parking ticket.


More electricity price decreases on the way

Electric Ireland announced today that it reducing its domestic electricity prices by 4.1% from 1 August 2020, meaning that all but one of the electricity suppliers in Northern Ireland will have lowered their prices before the autumn. Therefore, The Consumer Council would encourage consumers to shop around for the best energy deal or to speak to their supplier about the discounts they have available.

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Help improve access to cash in Northern Ireland

The Consumer Council is encouraging individual consumers or local organisations to take part in a new initiative to help improve access to cash within Northern Ireland.

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NI stores are reopening: A reminder of your consumer rights

Following the news that non-essential stores are allowed to operate again from today (12 June), The Consumer Council is reminding consumers about their rights when paying for items.


Shop around for the best electricity deal

On the back of SSE Airtricity’s announcement today that it is set to reduce its domestic electricity prices by 5.1% from 1 August 2020, The Consumer Council would encourage consumers to shop around for the best energy deal. In the year to 31 March 2020, nearly 150,000 consumer in Northern Ireland used The Consumer Council’s energy switching tools to shop around for the best deal.