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10th September 2020

Water Bill Health Check

We offer a free Water Bill Health Check. 

This free health check will provide you with a simple breakdown and explanation of your water bill. It will ensure that you are being billed correctly and will help identify opportunities for you to save money on your water bills. If appropriate for your circumstance, we will also provide some water efficiency advice. 

For your free Water Bill Health Check please send an email request to or call 0800 121 6022.  

Some recent examples of savings made:

  • A licensed premises reduced their water bill by £1,200 a year by making a simple water efficiency change.
  • A solicitor's office had their water bill reduced from £885 a year to £140 a year by changing the way they are billed.
  • A chip shop had their water bill reduced by £500 a year and got a rebate of £3,000 by claiming an allowance they were unaware of.