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07th June 2018

Postal Services

Ways to save on your postal costs. 

As a small business you may use the same postal services as a residential consumer, by buying stamps and sending mail through Royal Mail’s post boxes or Post Office Limited’s branch network.

If you are a business with high letter and parcel volumes, a number of options do exist, which could reduce your postage overheads. These can include bulk mail services, alternative postal operators, franking machines or hybrid mail companies.

Save on your business postage

Check out our top tips from market trader Jenny on how to save money on your business postage.

Top Money Saving Tips

  1. Shop around for a cheaper price or more convenient service
    • Parcel Collection: Many parcel companies can pick up items from your home or work premises and deliver to the designated address.
    • Parcel Drop-Off: Book your postal order online and deliver your parcel to a local convenience shop that is registered with the delivery company
    • Comparison Website: Websites like or can sometimes have the cheapest postage deals depending on size, weight, distance and urgency.
  2. Switch to franking – franking machines offer businesses more competitive rates and often services include parcel collection.
  3. Consider posting non-urgent items using an economy service such as 2nd class
  4. Check the size and weight of an item – if possible reduce the size of your parcel by folding the item of remove unnecessary packaging.
  5. Ensure items are adequately packaged – While removing unnecessary packaging can reduce cost, it is important to ensure adequate packaging is in place, particularly if the item is fragile or heavy, to avoid damage and additional charges on receipt.
  6. High volume mails – if sending large quantities of mail, consider shopping around to avail of discounts from other postal operators or change the method you use to pay for your postage costs, for example, explore cheaper alternatives like online postage.