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05th February 2020

Switching Energy Supplier

Our small business energy price comparison tool will enable your small business, charity or organisation to compare electricity and natural gas prices from suppliers in Northern Ireland.​​

The prices displayed are available to small business, charity or organisations using up to 50,000kWh of electricity or up to 73,200kWh of natural gas per year.

Also, be sure to download our 'Switch On for small businesses and not-for-profit organisations' guide below for more information:

To get started

If possible, have a copy of your electricity or natural gas bill at hand. This will provide information about the price you pay currently for your electricity and gas, your tariff and how much energy you use.

You will need to provide your annual electricity or gas consumption in kWh. If you are unsure, use an estimate. The tool will always display the cheapest price first.

If you are comparing electricity prices, you must select the type of tariff you are on. This is shown in your bill as one of the following:

  • Popular T031 (flat unit rate)
  • Nightsaver T032 (two different unit rates during the day and at night)
  • Weekender T033 (two different unit rates during the day and at night & weekends)

If you are comparing natural gas prices, select the city or town where your business or organisation is located. The tool will filter the results so that you are only shown the prices that are available in your area. There is only one type of natural gas tariff for small businesses, IC1.

Things to consider

Check if you are on a fixed term contract. You may have to pay a penalty if you switch before the contract ends.

Most suppliers charge a security deposit if you don’t pay by direct debit or if you fail a credit check.

If your account is in arrears, your supplier may block the switch.

Don’t forget to check the key contract T&C column for information on length of the contract, variable or fixed unit rates, discounts, early exit fees etc.

Some suppliers offer fixed and variable unit rates, where the price you pay for each unit of electricity or gas is the same for the duration of the contract (fixed) or it can go up and down (variable).  

If you want to stay with your current supplier, ask if there is a better deal.

What next

The comparison tool results page will show the indicative annual costs and the price of each unit of electricity or gas for each tariff in increasing order of value. You will be able to identify easily the best deals available. You should also check the information in the key terms and conditions of the contract, as once you sign the contract you cannot change your mind.

Suppliers change their prices frequently, so you should contact your preferred supplier(s) as soon as possible after you use our comparison tool.

You can email your preferred suppliers from the results page and ask them to contact you directly on the email or phone number that you provide to discuss their tariffs and how to switch.

If you would like any further information or advice on switching energy supplier or you have a complaint please contact our Consumer Protection Team on 0800 121 6022.