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08th June 2018

Selling Goods and Services

This section includes information on your legal obligations if selling goods, services or digital content. 

Failure to comply with these may not only mean you could lose customers who are unhappy but you could also be prosecuted.

What the law says

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 states that any goods, services or digital content that you sell to a consumer must be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and match the description given.

Sale of goods

  • Consumers have 30 days to reject a faulty item and ask for a refund;
  • You get one chance to repair or replace a faulty item before the consumer can ask for a full or partial refund;
  • Goods must also be installed correctly if that is part of the contract; and
  • You may have to pay compensation to consumers for any losses they may have suffered as a result of faulty goods.

Provision of services

As a retailer you must provide services:

  • With reasonable care and skill;  
  • At reasonable cost;
  • and Within reasonable time.

If a service is unsatisfactory, you are obliged to carry out the service again free of charge or to give a price reduction; and

Where the service cannot be repeated (e.g. wedding photography) you may have to give a price reduction – up to 100% of the total cost depending on the circumstances.