Metered access saved business over £100

The business man had received a large bill based on the Net Annual Value (NAV) of his property. He contacted NI Water to query the large bill and request to have a water meter fitted. NI Water advised the consumer that no meter could be fitted. When he explored other options available, NI Water provided inconsistent information in relation to whether or not assessed charges was an option for him.


As part of our investigation, we met with NI Water and they agreed to carry out a site visit on the property which identified that an internal meter could in fact be fitted. This allowed the business to be billed via a meter instead of unmeasured bills.


The Consumer Council requested for NI Water to consider back dating the metered charges to January 2017 when he first requested the meter at his premises. As a result, the business’ unmetered charges were reduced by £129.23. A domestic allowance was also applied following our request.