14th September 2018

One in six businesses have received scam mail

The Consumer Council’s top five tips to identifying scam mail.

With increasing reports in the media of scams and one in six businesses having received what they considered to be scam mail, The Consumer Council is reminding all businesses to be extra vigilant.

Kellin McCloskey, Head of Postal Services at The Consumer Council, said “Our research shows a number of businesses have received scam mail. Scammers can claim to be from legitimate organisations, such as the bank, utility and telecom providers, and HMRC. It is important to always remain scam aware and to not react on impulse. We would encourage all businesses to look at our five ways to identifying scam mail:

  1. Bad spelling and grammar;
  2. Requesting banking or personal details;
  3. Uses a general address like a PO Box;
  4. Puts you under pressure to respond quickly; and
  5. Requesting to send money for a bill you haven’t heard of.

“Business owners in Northern Ireland need to be vigilant to the possibility of mail scammers. It is important that if you are not sure, you should report it by contacting Consumerline on 0300 123 6262, or Royal Mail Scam helpline on 03456 113 413.”

For more information on scams, download a copy of The Consumer Council’s  ‘How to Spot Scam Mail’ leaflet at or call freephone 0800 121 6022 for a free copy.