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01st July 2015

Northern Ireland must be guaranteed access to Heathrow

In response to the Airports Commission’s recommendation the UK’s air travel needs will be best served by building a third runway at Heathrow Airport, the Consumer Council has today stressed the need for Northern Ireland consumers to have guaranteed access to Heathrow, the UK’s hub airport, both now and in future.

Scott Kennerley, Head of Transport Policy at the Consumer Council said, “Given Northern Ireland’s geographic location, our air links, both international and domestic are fundamental to supporting the region’s economy, tourism, inward investment and social wellbeing.

“As Heathrow is the UK hub airport it provides a higher level of international connectivity for consumers here than any other UK airport.  Therefore, Government must take action to ensure landing and take-off slots are reserved at Heathrow for flights from areas where it is not possible to access the airport by road or rail.  If Government chooses to take forward the Airports Commission’s recommendation, it is important the needs of Northern Ireland consumers are made a priority”.