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29th June 2022

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision and values set standards for how we work.

They outline what we aim to achieve and how we will act in all our dealings with customers and stakeholders.

Our Vision

To protect and empower consumers in Northern Ireland.

Our Mission

To be the trusted go-to organisation for consumers in Northern Ireland. To work with governments and stakeholders to inform policy and decision making, using our research, insight and expertise to deliver positive outcomes for consumers. 

Our Values

  • Resolve. We are committed to achieving outcomes that make a difference to consumers.
  • Excellence. We will ensure our work and insights are robust, considered and evidence based.
  • Ambition. We aim to deliver the best possible deal for consumers in Northern Ireland.
  • Courage. We will take the steps needed to make a difference for consumers.
  • Honesty. We act with integrity in an open and transparent way. 

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