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28th May 2018

Vision and Values

Our vision and values set standards for how we work.

They outline what we aim to achieve and how we will act in all our dealings with customers and stakeholders.

Our Vision

We are committed to promoting and safeguarding the interests of consumers in NI, by empowering them and providing a strong representative voice to policy makers, regulators and service providers.

Our Values

  • Ambition: We seek to deliver the best possible deal for consumers in NI;
  • Excellence: We will ensure our work is robust and considered, and bears comparison with the best;
  • Commitment: We do what it takes to provide consumers in NI with the best possible service;
  • Fairness: We will listen to everyone and respect all consumers’ concerns;
  • Teamwork: We will work in a collegiate manner;
  • Honesty: We will operate openly and transparently;
  • Integrity: We are trustworthy and trusted; and
  • Objectivity: We base our conclusions in evidence.

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