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23rd October 2020

Staff Details

Who's who in The Consumer Council.

Our Chief Executive reports to Council and is responsible for the daily management of the Consumer Council.  An Executive Management Team, comprising the Chief Executive and three Directors, deals with the ongoing delivery of the Consumer Council’s programmes and services.

Chief Executive's Office

  • John French Chief Executive
  • Fiona Lavery Personal Assistant to Chief Executive, Directors and Chair

Consumer Empowerment and Protection

  • Dervla Kearney Director of Consumer Insight, Empowerment and Protection
  • Mark Crawford Head of Consumer Empowerment and Protection
  • Eóin McShane Senior Communications Officer
  • Matthew Stevenson Senior Communications Officer 
  • Ronan Convery Senior Consumer Empowerment Officer
  • Sharlene Berry Consumer Empowerment Officer 
  • Noleen Charnley Senior Consumer Protection Officer
  • Laurie Brown Consumer Protection Officer
  • Fiona Burns Consumer Protection Officer
  • Gerard Stewart Consumer Protection Officer
  • Rebecca Walsh Consumer Protection Officer
  • Andrew Muir Consumer Protection Officer
  • Camille Hepburn-Hunte Receptionist / Administrative Officer

EU Exit

  • Carmel McConville Director of EU Exit
  • Philippa McKeown-Brown Head of EU Exit Policy 


  • Michael Legg Head of Energy Policy
  • Brónach Graham Senior Energy Policy Officer
  • Raymond Gormley Senior Energy Policy Officer
  • Lucy Cochrane Senior Energy Policy Officer 
  • Aine Clarke Energy Policy Officer 


  • Richard Williams Head of Transport Policy

Postal Services

  • Kellin McCloskey Head of Postal Services
  • Tara Faulkner Administrative Officer 


  • Graham Smith Head of Water
  • Andrew Culbert Policy Officer
  • Julie Coulter Administrative Officer

Financial Services

  • Scott Kennerley Director of Financial Services
  • Eimear Duffy Senior Policy Officer
  • Jenny Redman Senior Policy Officer
  • Colin Neely Education and Communications Officer 
  • Rosemary Beers Education and Communications Officer 

Corporate Services

  • Paula McCann Head of Finance
  • Lisa Braniff Accountant 
  • Joanne Akkaya Accounts Assistant
  • Debbie Quinn Quality Assurance and Performance Planner

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