Air Travel

Air travel provides an important service to passengers travelling to, from and within Northern Ireland.

Each year there are millions of passenger journeys to and from Northern Ireland’s airports. The Consumer Council works closely with airlines and airports to ensure passengers receive high standards of service when they travel. We believe it is essential that consumers can easily compare prices between airlines to get the best deal when booking their flights and we work with government to ensure airlines are clear with regards to the fares they charge.

Air Passenger Rights

Air passenger rights are protected by legislation. If your flight is delayed, cancelled or you are denied boarding you are entitled to assistance and in certain cases compensation. Click on the links below for more information.

For information on your rights and responsibilities as an air passenger download our Plane Facts - information guide. Plane Facts is also available as an audio file.

Template Letters For Making A Complaint

The Consumer Council has produced a series of template letters to help consumers with their air travel complaints. Click on the links below to download the letters.

If you would like further help or advice, call the Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022 or download a copy of Plane Facts - the essential guide to air travel.

Airline Additional Charges Table

Some airlines have additional charges for a range of extra services to include checked baggage, credit card use and seat reservations for major airlines. Click here to see these charges at a glance.

Financially Protecting Your Holiday

The vast majority of journeys will take place without incident. However, when travel plans are disrupted it can have a significant financial and emotional impact on consumers, which is why so many consumers take out travel insurance. Insurance provides vital protection against the impact of something going wrong. Read more about travel insurance and ATOL Protection by clicking on the links below.