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Carrier Bag Levy – Price Threshold

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The current consultation document outlines the Department’s intention to increase the levy on single use carrier bags to 10 pence. The paper also proposes that any reusable bag sold for less than 40 pence will also be subject to the levy.

Airports Commission Discussion Paper 04: Airport Operational Models

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Given Northern Ireland’s geographic location, the region’s passengers are dependent on air travel to access GB destinations and further afield. The Northern Ireland’s air links, both international and domestic make an important contribution to the region’s economic growth and social well-being, supporting trade and inward investment and facilitating tourism.

Future railways investment consultation

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The Consumer Council recognises the important role that rail travel plays in the overall public transport network.

Consultation on the introduction of electricity distribution licensing exemptions and the imposition (404 - file not found)

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The Consumer Council welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation.