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Returning Unwanted Gifts Factsheet

| (495.08 KB pdf document)

A factsheet for consumers on returning unwanted gifts and purchases after the festive season.

Delayed and Cancelled Ferry Services – Your Rights

| (392.63 KB pdf document)

The rights of ferry passengers are legally protected. If your sailing is delayed or cancelled you are entitled to assistance and in certain cases compensation.

Flooding Advice Guide

| (8.43 MB pdf document)

Your go to guide for preparing for, during and after an flood.

Memorandum of Understanding between Utility Regulator & Consumer Council

| (167.83 KB pdf document)

This Memorandum of Understanding sets out how the Utility Regulator (UR) and the Consumer Council of Northern Ireland (CCNI) will maintain and foster co-operation, mutual understanding and effective working relationships between the two bodies, ensuring each can fulfill its respective statutory function.

Flight Disruption – Your Rights

| (438.73 KB pdf document)

If your flight is delayed or cancelled or if you are denied boarding because your airline has overbooked the flight, the airline is required by European law to inform you of your rights.

Electricity Power cut

| (697.94 KB pdf document)

What to do if your home has an electricity power cut

Weather the Winter - December 2014

| (270.42 KB pdf document)

A wallet-sized ‘Weather the Winter’ leaflet for tips on Christmas shopping, saving money and protecting your home, as well as the essential numbers you might need.