Scammers may write to you out of the blue using clever techniques to persuade you to send them money or ask for personal and/or banking details. Be particularly wary of letters relating to:

  • Lotteries or competitions you haven’t entered;
  • Clairvoyants who suggest harm may come to you if you don’t send them money;
  • Charities you haven’t heard of;
  • Health products that offer miracle cures;
  • Offers of romance that normally lead to requests for money;
  • Pension offers which normally lead to requests to transfer your pension funds; and
  • Investments in land, wine, precious stones or carbon credits.

If you have been caught out by a scam or you think a friend or family member has been affected, contact Consumerline who can give advice and if necessary pass the matter onto:

Trading Standards Service:

Tel: 0300 123 6262


Alternatively you can report a scam to Action Fraud:

Tel: 0300 123 2040


For further information see our ‘Know the Signs, Stop the Crime’ scams leaflet or visit the ScamswiseNI Partnership website