Postal Complaints

Common postal issues can relate to lost, delayed, damaged or mis-delivered mail.

If you have a problem with your mail, you can complain and may be entitled to compensation. Whether you were personally sending mail, concerned about your local postal service or receiving goods you ordered online who sent the mail determines who you should complain to.

A quick two-step guide to complaining:

Step 1 -

a) Complain to the postal operator if you have experienced problems with an item you have sent or mail you are receiving as part of your regular postal service.

b) Complain to the retailer if you have had delivery problems with items ordered online.

Most companies will acknowledge your complaints and attempt to resolve your issue.

Step 2 –

a) If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint with the postal operator, you may be able to refer the matter to UK independent Postal Redress Scheme (POSTRS). See or 020 7520 3766 for more details.

b) If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint with the retailer, contact Consumerline on 0300 123 6262 for advice

We also represent postal consumers, providing independent advice and guidance on postal service complaints. If you need advice or require assistance with a complaint about a postal operator, contact us on 0800 121 6022 or

Know your rights if postal operators or retailers don’t deliver good service. Our guides below outline if, when and how you can make a complaint and what you may be entitled to