Unwelcome but justified rise in domestic tariff for Power NI customer

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Responding to the first domestic tariff increase by Power NI since July 2013, The Consumer Council recognises it will be unwelcome news for consumers, but it reflects an increase in the wholesale cost of electricity

The 5.6% increase in the domestic tariff by Power NI which comes into effect on 1 October 2017, will see their customers’ typical annual household electricity bill rise to £497, an increase of £27 per year.

John French, Chief Executive of The Consumer Council said; “Our message to consumers is to review their home electricity costs regularly and to check if an alternative supplier can offer a better deal. Households may be able to save up to £112 per year by switching supplier. Our online energy price comparison tool makes it easy to compare prices and also explains how simple the switching process can be.”

John continued, “Since the last tariff review wholesale electricity prices have experienced an upward trend and the Power NI increase is reflecting this underlying increase. Furthermore, consumers here are paying significantly cheaper electricity prices than their counterparts in GB and ROI.

The Consumer Council’s energy price comparison tool can be found at http://www.consumercouncil.org.uk/energy/energy-price-comparison/ or you can telephone our Consumer Protection Team on 0800 121 6022. 

Additionally - please review our 'Switch On – Electricity and Gas’ guide for more support. 


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