The Consumer Council is urging all travellers to get insured

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The Consumer Council is asking all travellers from Northern Ireland to take out an insurance policy that fully meets their needs before travelling.

Scott Kennerley, Head of Policy (Transport) at the Consumer Council explains: “Despite well documented events such as airlines going out of business and strike action causing havoc for travellers, our research shows over half of all  travellers do not take out an insurance policy before they travel.  The Consumer Council wants all travellers to ensure they have insurance cover and their policy covers possibilities such as medical expenses, cancellations & delays and lost luggage.

“This year, the Consumer Council has been working on behalf of Northern Ireland (NI) travellers that choose to fly or sail from Republic of Ireland (RoI).  Scott explains: “We have found some UK travel insurance policies sold in NI do not cover travellers for ‘delayed departure’ from RoI*.   The Consumer Council has been seeking answers from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the industry regulator.  They have assured us this issue and the lack of clarity within travel insurance paperwork will be resolved by next summer.   In the meantime we urge all NI travellers using RoI ports this summer to check with their policy provider if they are covered for delayed departure”.

Scott concludes: “For more information on what a good travel insurance policy should contain read our Travel Insurance factsheet. To ensure you know your rights and responsibilities before you travel download one of our travel guides or podcasts from or call 0800 121 6022”.

Notes to Editors:

* The ‘delayed departure’ element of a travel insurance policy provides cover for costs incurred due to your departure being delayed, for example, if your flight is cancelled and you miss a connecting flight, hotel bookings, car hire or excursions that have been booked to coincide with your arrival.
The Consumer Council’s travel guides include: Plane Facts, Plain Sailing, Access to Air Travel & Access to Ferry Travel for those with a disability or reduced mobility and travel podcasts.

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