‘Shrinkflation’ report: Consumers should shop around for better deals

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The Consumer Council is encouraging consumers to shop around for better deals on their food and groceries, as the latest figures from The Office for National Statistics show that while more than 2,500 products have shrunk in size over the past five years, they are still being sold at the same price.

These findings follow recent research by The Consumer Council that found nearly one in four consumers in Northern Ireland are worried about the cost of their food and grocery shopping. 

John French, Chief Executive of The Consumer Council, said, “Each time consumers do grocery shopping they face similar types of products sold in different packaging sizes, making it difficult to identify the best value products. We are advising consumers to shop around to get the best deal by looking at shelf label unit pricing.  Supermarket labels show the price per unit for the product as well as the actual price. The unit price indicates how much the same product would cost if they were sold on the same weight or volume.” 

The Consumer Council has produced ‘Making your money last longer and go further’, a guide to cutting the cost of your weekly food shop. You can request a free copy by phoning 0800 121 6022 or visiting www.consumercouncil.org.uk. 

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