Reduction in water charges is welcome news for NI businesses and farms says the Consumer Council

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The Consumer Council has welcomed NI Water’s announcement that water charges for its non domestic customers will reduce from April 1 this year by an average of 4%.

The reduction comes at a time when the Consumer Council has been working to help businesses ensure they aren’t paying more for their water than they have to and it says there is even more that can be done to keep costs down.

Commenting on the news, Consumer Council Interim Director of Policy Kathy Graham said; “This decrease which marks the second year of reduced water and sewerage charges is welcome news given the current harsh economic realities faced by our business and farming community.

“The Consumer Council has recently been working with businesses, farms and hospitals to ensure they aren’t paying more for their water than necessary. This includes highlighting the existence of the domestic allowance - a free allowance of water worth over £500 each year of which awareness levels are low according to Consumer Council research. It is free to apply for from NI Water and claims can be back-dated up to six years.

Kathy continues; “Businesses and farms can also take steps to help keep costs down, such as checking that bills are correct and looking out for leaks or any other issues which may lead to a larger bill than expected.

“We would be happy to hear from businesses who would like to find out more about saving money on water bills or who would like more information on the water allowances which may be due to them, and we can also investigate any unresolved complaints,” concluded Kathy.

The Consumer Council’s online water usage calculators and guides for businesses such as, ‘Every Drop Counts’ are available to download free at or by calling 0800 121 6022.  Users can also work out Average Daily Consumption (ADC), assessed charges and possible unmeasured charges via the Consumer Council website.

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