Olympic effort at Wilson’s Country sees award after £70,000 saving on water bill!

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The Consumer Council has awarded Wilson’s Country with a ‘Water Champions’ award after it made an olympic saving of over £70,000 on its annual water bill and took steps to reduce its water use.

To help with the saving, Wilson’s which processes 800 tonnes of potatoes each week, recycled the equivalent of fifteen olympic sized swimming pools of water in recent years and took other steps such as installing a water recycling plant.

Lewis Cunningham, Managing Director of Wilson’s Country explains; “The growth of the company and a subsequent increase in water use, led us to look at making improvements which have yielded benefits for the company and the environment.

“We examine our water needs so we can react quickly to any leaks or changes in consumption and have reduced the amount of effluent discharged from the site. £70k is a significant annual saving for any company especially in the business climate of recent years.”

Speaking about Wilson’s achievements, Graham Smith Consumer Council Interim Head of Water said; “These savings prove that making changes can be really worthwhile and we would encourage other businesses to help themselves and the environment by looking at what they could do too.

“Savings of between 30 and 50 per cent on water bills can be achieved by installing no cost or investing in low cost water reduction practices and technologies. We encourage all organisations to consider making even simple changes as they really can add up to a big difference in bills. Contact the Consumer Council for ideas on how to make savings or to find out more about bills and allowances,” said Graham.

The Consumer Council also has a range of online resources to help non domestic water users check allowances and usage.  Additionally it provides a free complaints service for those dissatisfied with a response from a utility provider.

For further details about ‘Water Champions’ or for a free copy of ‘Every Drop Counts’; a guide for businesses and farms to improve their water efficiency, visit: www.consumercouncil.org.uk/water/champions-/ telephone 0800 121 6022 or find us on twitter (@ConsumerCouncil) or facebook (Consumer Council Northern Ireland). 


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