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Consumer Council encourages eligible travellers to get special assistance with their journey

As the ‘Summer Getaway’ period gets underway, the Consumer Council is keen to raise awareness of the rights of passengers with a disability or reduced mobility when travelling by air or sea.

Special assistance services are provided to ensure journeys are as convenient for passengers with a disability or reduced mobility as it is for passengers without. Assistance can be in form of helping passengers to check in luggage, assisting passengers through the terminal or helping with boarding or disembarking.

Jenny Robinson, Transport Policy Officer at the Consumer Council explains “Airlines, airports, ferry companies and port operators work hard to provide the special assistance services passengers need. We encourage passengers to request special assistance at least 48 hours before you travel, normally it’s easiest to do this at time of booking.

“All types of disabilities are covered including hidden disabilities such as learning disabilities, autism and hearing loss.  A passenger may have a reduced mobility because of their age, temporary illness or a broken leg and they too can avail of the service.”

For more information on the special assistance available when travelling by air and sea, the Consumer Council has two publications available, Access to Air Travel (also available in Easy Read format) and Access to Ferry Travel.  For your free copy call us on 0800 121 6022 or download from our website

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