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City of Derry Airport shows passengers and the Consumer Council special assistance services for those with a disability or reduced mobility

The Consumer Council and City of Derry Airport facilitated a visit to look at special assistance services provided to passengers when travelling with a disability or reduced mobility.

Attendees included representatives from Disability Action, IMTAC, Age Sector Platform, Guide Dogs, Action of Hearing Loss, North West Forum of People with Disabilities and Prosthetics Users Forum.

Speaking about the visit Jenny Robinson, Transport Policy Officer at the Consumer Council said: “The Consumer Council works closely with all Northern Ireland Airports to ensure that the services meet passengers’ specific needs. We commend the airport for facilitating the visit as it not only allowed us to identify what works well but also gave passengers the opportunity to provide suggestions on what could make travelling through the airport more convenient for them.”

Siobhan McAnaney, Terminal Services and Security Manager at City of Derry Airport was delighted to welcome representatives to the airport: “The visit provided an excellent opportunity for representatives from different groups to use the services and provide the airport with feedback on how we can further improve our offering to ensure we are exceeding the needs of all our customers.”

Attendee Patricia Bray from Disability Action said “We welcomed this tour of special assistance services available at the airport. Travelling with a disability or reduced mobility can be daunting but these services can help make the journey as hassle free as possible.”

For more information on the special assistance available when travelling by air and sea, the Consumer Council has two publications available, Access to Air Travel (also available in Easy Read format) and Access to Ferry Travel.  For your free copy call us on 0800 121 6022 or download from our website   

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