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Pay As You Go Energy Top Up Scam.

The Consumer Council and PSNI are advising consumers to be extra vigilant about bogus callers on your doorstep or social media sites offering discounted pay as you go electricity top ups. This is a scam and consumers doing this will end up paying twice for their energy supply. 

Electricity and gas top ups should only be purchased from official PayPoint or Payzone outlets or directly from the energy supplier’s website, app or telephone service, and not from a doorstep seller or via social media.

John French, Chief Executive of The Consumer Council, explains: “Energy suppliers will never call at your door offering discounted energy top ups. If this does happen we ask you to follow the advice below to help protect you from a scam and ultimately losing money.”

  • Don’t ever buy an electricity or gas top-up from someone who calls to your door.
  • Do buy electricity and gas top-ups only from official outlets or directly from your supplier.
  • Stop and think; if someone is trying to sell you something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you buy a top-up this way, you will be the one that ends up out of pocket as you’ll have to pay twice for it.
  • Be aware of fraudsters calling at your door. Insist on time to speak to a family member before making your decision. Never give your bank details, credit card or other personal details to anyone calling at your door until you have checked their credentials and are completely satisfied they are genuine.
  • If you’re worried about someone who is calling at your door, phone 101, the PSNI’s non-emergency number. In an emergency, always dial 999.

For more information on scams, download a copy of The Consumer Council’s  ‘Know the signs, stop the crime’ scams leaflet at or call freephone 0800 121 6022 for a free copy.


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