Consumer Council welcomes CMA Final Determination on Firmus Energy Appeal

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The Consumer Council welcomes the outcome of the Final Determination from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) on Firmus Energy’s appeal against the Utility Regulator’s GD17 Price Control.

Speaking about the outcome, John French, Chief Executive of The Consumer Council, said: "If this appeal had been successful, Firmus Energy customers would have lost the £15 per year reduction on current tariffs that the Utility Regulator’s GD17 Price Control will provide.

"It is important that the CMA conclude this process and decide who will pay the costs of this appeal, which are likely to be substantial. The Consumer Council are seeking assurances from the CMA that the costs of the process will not fall unfairly to consumers and will be proportionately paid by Firmus Energy to reflect CMA's Final Determination decision. 

“We are pleased that the CMA's Final Determination has reinforced our view that increasing the availability of natural gas in Northern Ireland brings benefits to consumers and our economy,” Mr French added.

The Consumer Council submitted both written and verbal evidence to the CMA outlining our view that the Utility Regulator’s GD17 Price Control Final Determination was a fair package that protected the interest of NI consumers.

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