Airline menus - ‘sky high’ or ‘down to earth’?

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Always looking to save consumers money, The Consumer Council has jetted in to review inflight menus, to see if costs are ‘sky high’ or ‘down to earth’.

The Consumer Council has examined the costs of snacks and beverages from airlines flying in and out of Northern Ireland and found price differences of up to 75%.                               

John French, Chief Executive of The Consumer Council said; “Our research shows the price of snacks and drinks such as porridge, crisps and sandwiches can vary by as much as 75%, depending on the airline you travel with. This could be the difference of paying from £5.27 to £1.30 for a simple bowl of porridge, and from £2.63 to £1 for a bag of crisps.”

The Consumer Council ‘Inflight Menu’ guide is available online at, and allows passengers to check the costs of snacks and beverages before they travel.

The Consumer Council also has a range of travel guides to help consumers understand their rights over the summer travel period. These include ‘Plane Facts’, ‘Plain Sailing’as well as ‘Access to Air Travel’ and ‘Access to Ferry Travel’ for those with a disability or reduced mobility. These resources are available to download at or by calling 0800 121 6022.

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