Consumer Council Statement On Horsemeat Report

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Statement from Aodhan O’Donnell, Director of Policy at the Consumer Council regarding Consumer Council Report; ‘Food Supply Chain Issues And The Horsemeat Scandal – The Consumer View,’ July 2013

Older People Are Big Business

in Food, Consumer Skills

Older people in Northern Ireland pump some £5.7 billion[1]  into the local economy every year.  The grey pound is big business, yet older people still face problems when they’re out shopping for food.  The Consumer Council today launched its latest research on the issue - Silver Service – Are Supermarkets Meeting the Needs of Older Shoppers? and secured a public commitment from leading supermarkets to work harder for older customers.

Check out what older people really think about shopping in supermarkets here…

Ofcom Proposals Won’t Halt Obesity Timebomb

in Food

The Consumer Council says that there has been a missed opportunity to fully tackle the obesity epidemic that is threatening this generation of young people.

The statement comes in response to Ofcom’s announcement of more restrictions on food advertising to children and young people.

Junk Food: Blame Junk Advertising

in Food

Northern Ireland has one of the highest percentages of children who eat crisps, chips, sweets or soft drinks every day(1), yet most of the food advertising aimed at children is sending the wrong dietary and healthy eating messages.

Food Poverty: Hungry For Change

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If you can afford to eat a healthy diet you can expect to live longer.  Yet for many low income families the reality is food poverty, not food plenty.

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