Car Insurance

The cost of car insurance is a barrier to some people relying on car travel.

In Northern Ireland (NI) there is a heavy reliance on motor vehicles to allow us to participate in society, to travel to work, school, to access health care and to maintain social contact with others.  However affordability is a big issue for consumers and in particular the cost of car insurance is a barrier to some people relying on car travel.

The Consumer Council has been conducting a long standing campaign on the high cost of car insurance since 2009.  Our work to date includes:

  • The publication of our research report "Quote Unquote", which compared insurance costs between Northern Ireland and comparable areas within GB.
  • Launching an online petition which collected over 5000 signatures and was presented to the local Assembly.
  • Making formal submission to the Office of Fair Trading in August 2011 which resulted in a referral to the Competition Commission.
  • Publishing ‘Driving down the Cost of Car Insurance’ leaflet for consumers to help them shop around for car insurance and get the best deal.
  • Providing evidence and briefings to the Competition Commission on serious concerns about how the NI insurance market is working for consumers.
  • Working with Trevor Lunn MLA to set up and provide secretarial support to the NI Assembly All Party Group on Motor Insurance.


All Party Group on Motor Insurance

The All Party Group on Motor Insurance was established in February 2013 by chairman Trevor Lunn MLA.  The groups purpose is to examine the factors which influence the high cost of motor insurance in Northern Ireland compared to other areas of the United Kingdom.