Home Heating Oil

Around 68 per cent of households in Northern Ireland use home heating oil.

See our 'Switch On - Home Heating Oil' guide for all the information you need to know about home heating oil.

What affects the price of Home Heating Oil?

The home heating oil (HHO) industry in NI is not regulated and there are no statutory powers to oversee and influence the price that consumers pay.  HHO prices vary depending on market conditions. This includes changes to the price of crude oil, the cost to refine the product, the cost of marketing and distribution, the profits of refiners and wholesalers, the time of year (the price can be more expensive in the winter as demand is high during cold weather) and competition from suppliers across the region. There are currently around 270 suppliers in NI.

Boiler Servicing

Having your boiler serviced regularly is essential to ensuring that it runs efficiently and safely. In conjunction with OFTEC we have produced a series of short practical videos to help you understand the importance of getting your boiler serviced and why you should use an OFTEC registered engineer. Watch here 

To find a OFTEC registered technician visit: www.oftec.org.uk/Consumers/FindTechnician

What does the Consumer Council do in relation to Home Heating Oil?

NI Oil Federation Customer Charter logo Northern Ireland Oil Federation Customer Charter

The Consumer Council has worked with the Northern Ireland Oil Federation (NIOF) to develop its Customer Charter.  This sets out minimum standards of service for consumers who buy oil from an NIOF member and includes the following areas:

  • Customer care and complaint procedures;
  • Payment options;
  • Using energy efficiently; and
  • Special advice for vulnerable consumers.

Northern Ireland Oil Federation
Tel: 028 9186 2916
Fax: 028 9182 0625
Email: david@nioil.com

The NIOF Customer Charter is available on the NIOF website at www.nioil.com

If you are not satisfied with the service provided by a Northern Ireland Oil Federation oil supplier, you should contact NIOF on 028 9186 2916 in the first instance with details of your complaint. If you are unhappy with its response, contact the Consumer Council on
0800 121 6022 and we will investigate your complaint for you.

Consumer Council Home Heating Oil Survey

Are you paying the right price to fill your oil tank? Every week we contact HHO suppliers from across Northern Ireland to bring you the cheapest, dearest and average home heating oil prices. Consumers can use this information as a benchmark to see how much the average cost of oil is in their region.

Not every town or supplier is represented but we hope this information gives you an idea of what you could be paying, and helps you shop around for a better deal.

Table 1 shows the cheapest, dearest and average price for 300, 500 and 900 litres of oil based on our survey.

Table 2 shows the average price for 300, 500 and 900 litres of oil in selected areas.

24 May 2018

Table 1

  300 litres 500 litres 900 litres


£176.98 £268.31 £463.41

Cheapest For NI

£167.95 £244.05 £434.00

Most Expensive

£187.93 £287.78 £491.00
Average cost per litre 59p 54p


Table 2

Area Average 300 Litres Average 500 Litres Average 900 Litres


£268.53 £467.76
Ards £174.75



Armagh £174.04 £254.07


Ballymena £173.86 £260.85


Ballymoney £179.74 £277.77


Banbridge £185.47 £268.72


Belfast £170.63 £266.01


Carrickfergus £186.28 £270.25


Castlereagh £179.81 £265.22


Coleraine £173.55 £271.04






Craigavon £172.00 £272.50


Derry/L'derry £178.50 £273.50


Downpatrick £181.70 £269.72


Dungannon £178.00 £269.00


Fermanagh £179.00 £266.50


Larne £183.52 £277.53


Limavady £171.03 £269.52


Lisburn £171.26 £264.00


Magherafelt £180.99 £270.25


Moyle £171.03 £269.52


Newry & Mourne £171.50 £264.00


Newtownabbey £172.00 £263.00


North Down £183.81 £272.53


Omagh £179.47 £266.22


Strabane £183.49 £272.74


Internet £177.18 £265.15