Personal Finances

08th June 2018

Bank Branch Closures

Advice on bank branch closures. 


By the summer of 2018, 42% of bank branches available in 2010 in Northern Ireland will have closed in the last eight years. The number of closed branches is 150. The number of remaining branches in 2018 will be 203.

What should you do if affected by a bank branch closure?

You should contact your bank directly to discuss alternative banking arrangements and to raise any concerns you may have before the bank branch closes.

If the alternative forms of banking do not meet your needs, then you may want to look at switching bank account and/or provider. For more information visit our ‘Comparing and Switching Bank Account’ info.

Financial Services Maps 2018

In collaboration with Ordnance Survey NI, the Consumer Council has developed a series of maps that highlight the financial services that remain in areas affected by a branch closure in 2018.  These include Post Offices, cash machines, credit unions and other banks.

Click on the links below to access the financial services maps for the following areas:

Have you tried our Current Account Comparison Tool?

We always recommend that consumers check that their bank account is working for them and provides the best overall deal and service. The Consumer Council has developed a current account price comparison table to help consumers compare current account products currently available in Northern Ireland.