27th December 2018

Hey Mr Postman… Check out The Consumer Council Postal Complaints Tool

The Consumer Council advises consumers to complain if they have experienced problems with their post this Christmas.


Tis the season of giving, with many consumers sending and receiving cards and gifts from loved ones on the run up to Christmas. Whilst most items will have arrived hassle free, some consumers may experience issues with lost, damaged, or delayed mail.

With one in four consumers saying it is difficult to make a postal complaint, The Consumer Council has advice and guidance for consumers experiencing problems.

Kellin McCloskey, Head of Post at The Consumer Council said; “Knowing where to complain is important. If your complaint is about a postal delivery for an online purchase, you should contact the online retailer. If your complaint is regarding a parcel being delivered by a postal operator, you should contact them directly. The Consumer Council free postal complaints tool and leaflets will help consumers understand what steps to take next and if they are entitled to compensation.

Kellin added, “Problems with postal deliveries can be frustrating for many consumers.  It is important consumers know the best way to make a postal complaint, to ensure a more successful outcome and get the service you are entitled to”.

Any consumer who has a postal enquiry or complaint can download The Consumer Council postal guide ‘Making a Postal Complaint’ or use our free “Postal Complaint Tool” at or get in touch on 0800 121 6022.