27th November 1998

Consumers told to 'Take a Walk on the Wise Side

<p>Have you wondered what your consumer rights are if your new washing machine breaks down or do you know what to do if you have problems with consumer credit? If so then you’re not alone. We all need help.</p>

Walk on the Wise Side - a guide to consumer problems is launched by the General Consumer Council today at Dungannon District Council at 12.45. The resource offers practical information on sorting out typical consumer difficulties and has been designed for advice agencies. Reference copies will also go to public libraries and post primary schools.

Joan Whiteside, Chairman of the General Consumer Council said

“Consumers have a better chance of success if they know where they stand before going back to a shop to complain. Walk on the Wise Side will help consumers tackle basic consumer problems and point them in the right direction for expert help, if they need it. We are delighted that it will soon be available, for reference, in public libraries, schools and many advice centres.”

2 Consumers Told to Take a Walk On The Wise Side

John Keanie Chief Executive of Derry Council welcomed the initiative.

“The Councils’ are pleased to be involved in the production and distribution of this excellent guide. It’s an important part of Local Councils’ commitment to giving more information to the community. We believe that it’s not just consumers who will benefit. In the long term those well informed consumers will be an asset to all the reputable traders who are trying to raise standards of service.”

Kevin Higgins of the Association of Independent Advice Centres said,

“This is great news for advice workers. More and more people are coming to advice centres with consumer problems. Walk on the Wise Side will help our advisers give clients a step by step approach to handling specific consumer problems.”


Notes to Editors

For further information please contact Carol Edwards at the General Consumer Council 01232 672488 during office hours.


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