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Always check if you can send the contents of your mail item through the postal network or if any restrictions or prohibitions apply.

When sending valuable items to the UK or international destinations, you are responsible for checking whether or not the contents of your mail item are restricted or permitted to be transported through the mail network. If in any doubt, check with the postal company you are using or if using Royal Mail check at any Post Office branch or Royal Mail website. Many everyday items, such as aerosols, nail varnish and perfumes are considered dangerous goods under transport legislation.

Day 5

Listen in here to find out more about Day 5 of Countdown to Christmas.

Day 6

Sofa Sunday. Rain or shine, you can start your Christmas shopping anytime online! See our guide for shopping safely online.

Day 7

Santa keeps copies of all order confirmations to check he's been charged correctly when his bank statements arrive. So should you!

Day 8

Think before buying and unwrapping your online presents as unsealed video games, DVDs and CDs may not be able to be refunded if unwanted

Day 9

Think before you click. Beware of links on promotional e-mails, it's always safer to type your online retailer's address yourself.

Day 10

Don't let restrictions on delivering to NI dampen your Christmas cheer! Delivery restrictions and costs must be specified upfront.

Day 11

It's only two weeks to Christmas! Track your order online and for tips on posting see our postal guide.

Day 12

Seen a deal too good to be true? Don't click if it might be a trick. Research the company or product first if you're at all unsure.

Day 13

Changed your mind about an online Christmas purchase? You have 14 days to cancel from the date the service contract is agreed or goods are delivered.

Day 14

Day 15

Today is the last day for posting Christmas surprises to USA! For more information check postage dates with Royal Mail.

Day 16

Day 17

Protect your valuable Christmas postal deliveries. Before sending expensive presents see our Sending Letters and Parcels guide.


Day 18 

Day 19

Day 20

Panic buying? Don’t risk your online safety by being too hasty – spot a safe website.

Day 21

Today is the last day for 1st class Christmas postage. You have until 23rd December for Royal Mail guaranteed delivery.

Day 22

Too late for online shopping? Hit the high street to tick off your Christmas list! Ask about refund policies and don't forget your gift receipt.


Day 23

If Santa doesn't bring you the present you wanted, you might be able to return it. Check our factsheet on returning unwanted Christmas presents.