Children & Young People

This section incorporates materials to support teachers.

Children and young people are consumers.  They handle money, interpret consumer information and make choices.  They have the same basic consumer rights as adults and need opportunities to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills to make informed and responsible consumer decisions throughout their lives.

Advertisers recognise the importance of young people's spending power.  They target advertising and marketing messages at specific age groups, even the very young.  Research shows that from as early as four years old, children can distinguish between different brands.

The following materials have been developed in partnership with the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) to support teachers' conferences, concentrating on the Consumer Awareness aspects of the Home Economics curriculum in Northern Ireland.

If you can't find what you're looking for, or if you've developed lesson plans and resources you'd like to share with others, please contact the Consumer Skills Team on 028 9025 1600 or email

Useful Resources

Shop Around
Why not check out the Shop Around website which has interactive quizzes, scenario discussion cards and table quiz questions to learn about consumer rights and responsibilities in a fun way. There’s also a downloads section for materials that can be used offline in the classroom.

Ecoworld is a 3-D interactive computer game for 11-14 year olds which provides a fun way to learn about ways in which we can become more responsible consumers and care for our planet.

Have Your Say DVD and Support Materials
This DVD resource has been designed for teenagers and follows three friends out shopping in Derry/Londonderry.

Telephone or email the Consumer Skills Team on 028 9025 1600 or to request your free Buy Rights Have Your Say DVD and click here to download the accompanying lesson plan and activities.

Financial Capability Schools Quiz
The Consumer Council has developed a quiz for Year 8 pupils aimed at developing financial knowledge, skills and responsibility.

Now you and your pupils can try the quiz in your own classroom - just click on this link to download a copy of the question booklet.  You can also print and personalise a certificate for each child who takes part in the quiz.

If you would also like a copy of the answers please phone the Consumer Skills section at the Consumer Council on 028 9025 1600.

A’ Level Topic: Consumer Information


A’ Level Topic: Consumer Protection and Redress


 A’ Level Topic: Diet and Health


A’ Level Topic: Ethical Consumer Issues


A’ Level Topic: Financial Management Issues


GCSE Additional Resources


GCSE Topic: Being an Effective Consumer


GCSE Topic: Diet and Health


GCSE Topic: Justify Choices and Decisions


GCSE Topic: Money Matters


GCSE Topic: What Influences Shopping?


GCSE Topic: Wiser Buyer