Consumer Skills

The Consumer Council works directly with consumers and colleagues from the education, voluntary, community and advice sectors.

We do this by providing information, leaflets, resources and lesson plans that help consumers learn about their consumer rights and equip them with the skills to become more informed, confident consumers.

Consumer Skills: Calculator and notebook

Adult Learners

This section incorporates a range of resources and publications for adult trainers and tutors.

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Consumer Rights Act 2015

There are laws that protect you whenever you buy goods, services or digital downloads. This section contains information on your consumer rights.

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Shop Around

Shop Around aims to help consumers of all ages become more aware of their rights and responsibilities in an informative and fun way.

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Student Money Survival Guide

Living on a student budget can be hard, but there’s no need to spend the next 3-4 years living on cold baked beans. The temptation to spend money is everywhere, but if you want your cash to last until the end of term, have a look at our top money saving tips.

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