My wife and I are pensioners and have recently been experiencing low water pressure at our home.


We hired a contractor to excavate our land in an effort to locate the leak but no signs of any leak were detected.  We therefore contacted the service provider again and as a result they re-visited our property and confirmed that there did not appear to be any leak on our land.

The service provider then carried out excavation work on their pipes and told us that this should resolve the low water pressure problem.  Although we did notice a slight improvement, the pressure overall remained low and we were still unable to use facilities such as our shower.

The service provider then returned to our property to re-assess the situation and accidentally ruptured the water main.  As a result, ourselves and our elderly neighbours were left with no water supply.  I am very concerned about this and the problem has also contributed to my recent poor health. Although the water supply was restored the following day, the pressure remains low and we are still unable to use our shower.

This situation is becoming extremely stressful and we would really appreciate any help you can provide.


The consumer contacted the service provider on several occasions but remained dissatisfied with the steps taken to resolve the issue.

  • The Consumer Council contacted the service provider seeking clarification on the problems experienced by the consumer.
  • The service provider gave details of its initial investigation and outlined that the leaks appeared to be on neighbouring private land and this would normally incur a charge.
  • However, as a number of elderly and vulnerable customers were affected by this problem over a prolonged period of time, the service provider agreed to take whatever steps necessary to resolve the problem and restore full service for the couple and their neighbours.
  • The service provider re-visited the property and restored the consumer’s water supply to an adequate pressure level and the consumer was relieved at this.
  • The service provider completed this work without any charge to the neighbour even though the leak was on private land.
  • Following a review of this complaint, the service provider advised that new processes had been introduced which would improve internal communications.  This in turn will deliver improved customer service levels in the future.
  • This complaint also highlighted the need for the service provider to improve the priority service given to vulnerable customers whenever they encounter problems with their supply.