My complaint is in regards to an outstanding water bill of approximately £6,800.


My complaint is in regards to an outstanding water bill of approximately £6,800.  The building is a convent but is not open to the public therefore no water bill should be issued as it is a domestic property.


Furthermore, in April/May 2011 there was a water leak at the water hydrant which may have been caused by illegal interference and I have been informed that there may be a leak on the premises.  This is currently being investigated by the Diocesan. 


Your professional help and support would be greatly appreciated as these matters are causing a great deal of anxiety.


The Consumer Council contacted NI Water and asked if they could review the classification of the Convent. Furthermore, the Consumer Council asked NI Water to provide any information in regards to the leak and whether this would have made any impact on the water consumption registered through the meter serving the Convent.

NI Water responded and stated that;

·        Their Networks department investigated the reports of leakage and it was concluded that this was the result of storm water.

·        Their Billing and Revenue department reviewed the information provided by the Consumer Council and advised that, as the convent is not open to the public, it is not used as a place of worship and is therefore deemed as a domestic premises. Therefore no water charges should be levied.

·        As a result the balance on the account was zeroed and NI Water changed the classification of the premises to domestic.  

The complainant was delighted with the result and the service provided by the Consumer Council.