I recently received a very high water bill for my premises.


Upon investigation of the issue it was identified that a leak had occurred resulting in the high bill.  The water company asked me to provide two meter readings so they could average the usage during the period when the leak was present.  I provided two meter readings to the water company but have not had any further contact from them in relation to my account.

I am concerned at the length of time the water company appear to be taking to resolve this matter and therefore would appreciate your help in bringing this case to a satisfactory close.


The Consumer Council contacted the water company to investigate the leak and the action being taken to resolve the matter.

·        The water company confirmed that the leak was not the customer’s responsibility and therefore they would average the high period of consumption using the meter readings provided.

·        The water company also apologised for the delay in responding to the consumer.

·        After applying the Domestic Allowance and averaging the high period of usage, the bill was reduced by £1665.72.

·        The consumer was very happy with the outcome and thanked us for all our help.