I own a small business and back in 2006 I had a water meter fitted at my premises.


I own a small business and back in 2006 I had a water meter fitted at my premises.  Following this I began to experience intermittent problems with the water pressure.  I contacted the water company and following an inspection a leak was found on my premises.

I fixed the leak at a cost of over £1000.  Three years later I received a letter from the water company advising that the leak was actually their responsibility and had been caused when the meter had been fitted back in 2006.

Following receipt of this information I submitted a claim form to the water company to recover the costs of repairing the leak.  However I have not had any response and despite sending several letters over the past seven months highlighting my claim, I still haven’t received anything.

I would appreciate your help in resolving this matter.


The Consumer Council contacted the water company on behalf of the consumer.

  • We sought clarification on the cause of the leak at the property and an explanation for the continued delay in responding to the claim.
  • The water company investigated the issue and confirmed that the leak was its responsibility and that the claim had been received in December 2009.
  • The water company apologised to the consumer for the    inconvenience and distress caused by the delay in responding to the claim but advised that this was due to a backlog.
  • On reviewing the claim the water company authorised a refund of the costs borne by the consumer.
  • The consumer received the refund three weeks later and was satisfied with the outcome.