I own a business and have received a very high water bill for my premises.


I have contacted the water company to dispute the bill as consumption for my premises is usually very low.  I believe that the spike in usage coincides with work that was being carried out by the water company in the vicinity of my premises at that time. 

Despite my concerns, the water company remain adamant that the bill is correct and continue to pursue me for the outstanding amounts. 

I would be very grateful for your assistance in dealing with this matter.


The Consumer Council contacted the Water Company to investigate the billing concerns raised on behalf of the consumer.

·        The water company advised that having investigated the issue no leaks were identified that would explain the high usage during the period in question. 

·        The water company agreed to re-calculate the period of high usage based on current usage levels.

·        It was also identified that the premises was not in receipt of a Domestic Allowance.

·        As a result the account was in credit by £189.37.

·        The consumer was extremely happy with the resolution achieved.