I have been involved in a long standing dispute with my water company.


I have been involved in a long standing dispute with my water company over liability to pay water bills on my property.  The water company insist that I should pay for my water usage despite me providing evidence from Land & Property Services to show that my property is domestic and not agricultural.

There have also been many errors made on my account over the past few years and at one stage the water company had mixed up my address with a neighbouring property.

I have phoned the water company on so many occasions and I just get passed through the departments without any resolution therefore your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


The Consumer Council contacted the Water Company to investigate the billing concerns raised on behalf of the consumer.

  • The water company provided background on the errors made on the account and confirmed that any payments made to the wrong account had been rectified and the new account credited accordingly.
  • The water company agreed to re-classify the property from commercial to domestic and as a result backdated the classification which left the account in credit by £696.90.
  • The consumer was very happy with the outcome achieved.