I am from a community support group and contacted the Consumer Council with an issue with NI Water


Our premises had encountered a leak which they repaired promptly. Unfortunately it resulted in arrears of over £2,000 on our account.  We contacted NI Water and were instructed to complete a Leakage Allowance form and return it to them, which we did.    

We became aware that the allowance had not been applied to our account and upon enquiring, was told that there was no record of the form being received. Additionally, we were advised that they could not have the allowance considered due to the claim now being outside the stipulated 6 week period.


The Consumer Council contacted NI Water on our behalf of the group and asked them to reconsider their decision as the original claim had been made within the 6 week threshold. NI Water confirmed that the claim form had in fact been received within the stipulated timeframe and that its initial decision not to grant the allowance was made in error. 

In reviewing our account it was also identified that we were entitled to a rateable allowance which could be backdated 6 years.  On receipt of the necessary rates demands, NI Water applied the rateable allowance and also granted the leakage allowance which reduced the outstanding bill to zero and left us in credit by £1,748.42